The Technique

Although not everyone is interested in the equipment behind the images, it is important to know the photographer you choose to capture such an important event is using the absolute best available to capture the highest quality images.

I shoot only using Nikon’s top professional lenses and bodies using RAW file capture for optimal image quality. Your images are then post-processed in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to further refine them with stunning results. I have many years of Photoshop experience so all images are professionally colour balanced and corrected.

I tend to use a lot of remote controlled flash to create mood. Indoors I will typically be using multiple remote controlled flashes around the room. This enables me to move freely while still retaining power control of all flash output. For indoor formals I will use studio strobes with large softboxes for magazine quality portraits.

Outdoors,  I use large but portable power packs and heads. This gives me full studio power anywhere I need it. I’ll shoot these through some beautiful modifiers to give awesome softness while still having enough oomph to get great colour depth in the sky.

The lenses I use are the best in production today and produce fantastic images.

James Schokman Photography Perth

Underwater Portrait & Wedding Photography